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Iron Style garden art products are all individually handcrafted

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The Rose

A fan shaped trellis, perfect for the large walls you need to cover with flowers and vines. The clean lines of the Rose trellis make a definite statement and great conversation piece.This trellis encourages bougainvilla, clematis, star jasmine, and other fast growers. Made to order, thereby retaining a unique, "one off" individuality, it is possible to alter the configuration of the units (and sometimes the size), to suit a variety of space requirements.
All Iron Style trellises are designed to be fixed to the wall with anchor hooks so they can be easily removed to allow for painting or maintenance.
IronStyle Fan Trellis 1
IronStyle Fan Trellis 2
IronStyle Fan Trellis 3
IronStyle Fan Trellis 4
Please Contact Us if you would like more information or to order the Rose trellis.
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Customer Feedback

Thank you!

I thought you may like to see how our obelisks look now that I have positioned them and planted a white Mandevilla at the base.
We are very happy and look forward to seeing the plant grow around the wrought iron. Thanks for all your help.

I love your work...

I love your work and as soon as I have it all in place I will send you a photograph to show you how beautiful it looks.

We are very happy....

We are very happy with the trellises and I have been meaning to email to say thank you for the wonderful job you have done.

The Evergreen obelisk is looking great...

The Evergreen obelisk is looking great with the raspberry canes growing through it and our candle holders are always commented on at parties!

I'm absolutely thrilled with my garden art from Iron Style...

I'm absolutely thrilled with my garden art from Iron Style. I have a number of pieces, all hand-made so ensuring a unique piece of art that compliments both my home and garden.